’80s on the Thames | Hg2 PREVIEW

It’s a big summer for Britain and, what with the Jubilee over and the impending Olympics, I think we all need a bit of a break (or a stiff drink). So how about an event that’s quintessentially British and yet offers the chance to get good and hedonistic?  The Henley Royal Regatta may not be the event that springs freshly to mind when conjuring up thoughts of a weekend of debauchery, but our friends over at Maggie’s are changing all that with an ’80s themed pop-up disco overlooking the course.

Maggies Henley Royal Regatta Madonna Booth

Maggie’s are bringing their renowned ’80s spirit to Henley-on-Thames starting this Wednesday 27 June in celebration of the more than 200 rowing events that take place each year for the world’s most famous regatta. Along with their beloved Rubik’s cube cocktail tables and slew of synthed-up era tunes, Maggie’s will also be delivering their signature cocktails, including their giant Bacardi Sharing Suitcases in a Club Tropicana themed bash that will last all five days of the Regatta.

The Maggie’s tent will overlook the river right around the halfway point along the course and will have plenty of outdoor and open-air tables in case you, y’know, actually want to watch the events. On Saturday evening, this will be a good vantage for a glimpse of the Regatta fireworks display.

If you’ve never attended the Henley Royal Regatta before, it’s a fairly involved affair – very strict dress codes (long skirts for ladies and jackets for men) are in place if you should find a way into the very exclusive Steward’s Enclosure. Luckily though Maggie’s is going to be a more relaxed affair – you need to look smart but there are no length requirements for skirts.

Maggie's Henley Royal Regatta

Getting to the Henley Royal Regatta is fairly straightforward – Maggie’s tent is within walking distance of the car parks and there will be expanded rail and bus services from London. Although, if you’ve put on your best Jimmy Choo’s, you might consider a cab from the railway station rather than a walk through wet grass. Full details for getting to and around the event are available here.

Maggie’s pop-up disco will be open 11am-midnight each day of the Regatta from Wednesday to Sunday. Booking is not available, so you can just turn up on the day for entry. For more info on the event or to book a VIP table, visit www.maggies-club.com.


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    may check it out :)

  2. Henleygirl

    How does one see the photo’s the photographer was taking in there?

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