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Aren’t you tired of the Tube? We are. We are tired of being cramped and cooked underground just to get from A to B. Then along came the Sanderson and St Martins Lane Hotels’ cycle maps of London. These babies are no ordinary bike maps – they are actually themed tours of the city designed to show you the best of London, whether your bag be Buckingham Palace or Brick Lane.

Themes include the Royal Tour (pretty self-explanatory), Design & Architecture (highlights include several museums, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Shard), Fashion & Cake (think lots of lovely bakeries and boutiques), East London, Art/Tea Cycle and Sunset Cycle (a good mix of royal and panoramic sights). All on a handy foldable map with colour-coded routes for each tour.


The bit we particularly love is the maps include a section about how to unwind after your cycle tour, with suggestions for nosh and drinks nearby each of the hotels.

If you’re lucky enough to be staying at Sanderson or St Martins Lane (we love them!), you can avail of their free bike hire, along with those all-important pieces of safety equipment like high-visibility vests, bike locks and helmets for a proper day out. Even if you aren’t a guest here, though, you can still grab the bike maps for free from their website and just get yourself a Boris Bike for a nice day out.

So if you’re not overly enthused at the prospect of another day of manky aromas of armpit sweat mixed with burning rubber on the Underground, consider getting some fresh air, exercise and even a bit of sightseeing. You’ll be surprised how close Bond Street is to Green Park.

Grab the maps by clicking the images below and saving them! And, of course, don’t forget to check out Hg2 London for more travel tips.

Sanderson Cycle Map of London 1

Sanderson Cycle Map of London 2


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