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Paris Wall Fonts Words

You read Monocle religiously, know the names of more architects than ice cream flavours and probably wear thick-rimmed glasses. For those who appreciate aesthetic sensitivities just as much, we have plotted the perfect Paris itinerary for you.

Hotel Seven

Hotel 7 Paris

Paris’s love of design comes out through its many design-inspired hotels, but Hotel Seven takes the taking. The hotel pulls in seven different designers, each putting their unique tastes to every room to create seven truly authentic sleeping experiences with off-the-wall themes including Psychadelic, Marie Antionette, Alice (in Wonderland) and On/Off.


Silencio Art Library Paris

Hollywood heavyweight director David Lynch – famous for his glossy films and unique style – has opened his own nightclub. Taking his hand to design, Silencio is a members club that draws influence from one of Lynch’s most iconic movies – Mullholand Drive. With rooms each dedicated to a specific artistic purpose, Silencio does indeed feel like stepping into another world.

Plaza Athenee L’Exilir de Printemps

La Bar Plaza Athenee

Cocktail and fragrance come together thanks to the collaboration of top perfumer Sophie Labbe and master mixologist Thierry Hernandez who have worked to create a complementing cocktail and fragrance to stimulate both senses in La Bar at Plaza Athenee. The cocktail and fragrance come together with a blend of rose and other summertime smells, capturing the intoxication of summer in Paris.



With such a flirtatious name, this converted restaurant could only be playful. A hip concept bistro from Mourad Mazouz, Derriere is set around what looks like someone’s house. Sit on the bed for dinner, walk through a wardrobe to smoke or pull one of the books off the shelf and start reading if you get bored.

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