Tandoori Nights: Mumbai’s Best Curry Houses | Hg2 PICKS

Where to begin when looking to introduce one of the world’s true foodie destinations? Well for starters, if you go to Mumbai with no other game plan other than to taste, swill, snack and feast, you’ll find it hard to leave feeling short changed.

Mumbai Curry. Photo: Flickr user Richard Munckton

So we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites – some of the best curry houses in Mumbai where you can get your spicy fix in either posh surrounds, signless shacks or somewhere in between.

Upscale – Jamavar


Jamavar takes its name from a traditionally-woven Indian fabric, hinting at the way chefs here weave together a complex tapestry of of tastes, flavours and ingredients. Set inside the Leela Hotel, dining here is of the most high end order – think gold Jaipuri chandeliers and tinkering, soft classical music. The menu slides between Northern cuisine with biriyanis, kebabs and Mughal dishes, and Southern Indian curries, pancakes and steamed rice cakes.

Food-tastic – Masala Bay


Masala Bay is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai – why? Let us count the ways.  Firstly, the menu is a carefully-cooked, easy-on-the-eye (and the waist-line) selection of dishes. Secondly, Masala Bay is located inside the Taj Lands End, Bandra, one of our favourite hotels in the city.

Michelin-starred – Ziya


This super high-end restaurant is run by Michelin-starred chef Vineet Bhatia, who cut his teeth in the curry houses of London and returned to Mumbai to establish Ziya. Classic curries and tandooris are served to crisp white tablecloths with stunning views of the Arabian Sea.

Relaxed Local – Swati Snacks

Swati-Snacks-Mumbai-Curry-HousesAlthough not technically a curry house, the no-frills Swati Snacks is easily one of the most renowned cafes in Mumbai – a place that any local or Mumbai expat will tell you to go on your first trip. A Mumbai institution. Swati Snacks has been serving up Gujarati style snacks like the spicy dal dhokli (a kind of Indian lasagne, cooked with peanuts and chickpea flour) to the masses for something like 50 years.

Check out all the great places to eat (and drink, and party) in Hg2’s Mumbai city guide.


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  1. How could you miss Mahesh Lunch Home.

  2. payal chawla

    IF the focus is on d food and is d priority, obviously d ambiance does make a difference, but if u just taking about food, i feel the stand alone restaurants do better in terms of taste and quality, do try restaurants like CAFE APPETITE (CHEF OWNED ), THE DHABA ( oshiwara ), BAGDADI, PERSIAN DARBAR

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