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As autumn sets eerily over London and the time for that most goulish night of the year approaches, we here at Hg2 can’t help but indulge a little in a few spine-chilling treats. So we’ve rounded up some of the most haunted bars, speakeasys and pubs in our favourite creepy corners of the world to get you into the Halloween…spirit.

Ear Inn – New York

Ear Inn Haunted Bars New York. Photo: Daniel Huggard

The Ear Inn is one of New York’s most haunted bars. A favourite of sailors in years past, according to legend, Mickey The Sailor is a little bit more than just a friendly ghost – he is rumoured to be found teasing the female servers and even climbing into bed with women in the upstairs hotel rooms.

One Eyed Gypsy – LA

One Eyed Gypsy Haunted LA Bars

As one of the oldest and purportedly most haunted speakeasys in Los Angeles, the One Eyed Gypsy (great name for a haunted bar, isn’t it?) has been privvy to a petrifying number of murders and bizarre incidents and has more than its fair share of ghosts, including one who launched a golden crown from the bar’s mantle across the room during a crowded night of drinking.

Biltmore – Miami

Biltmore Haunted Bars Miami. Photo: Flickr user eflon

Given that it was previously a veteran’s hospital and there was a murder on the 13th floor, it’s not difficult to imagine how haunted the Biltmore Hotel in Miami must be. The 13th floor (and the lifts) are purportedly still haunted by the ghost, and the hotel’s classic Roaring ’20s bar makes a great place for a few spirited libations before embarking on your own ghost hunt.

The Old Queen’s Head – London

Old Queens Head Haunted London Bars

There are numerous supposedly haunted pubs in London, but the Old Queen’s Head in Islington, which dates back to the 1830s, is rumoured to be haunted by a Tudor woman and her weeping child.

Pat O’Brien’s – New Orleans

Pat OBriens Haunted New Orleans Bars

New Orleans could run a serious campaign as ‘most haunted city in North America’ (or maybe the world). Pat O’Brien’s – an all-night party and piano bar in the French Quarter – has some truly terrifying legends, including a macabre musician who tinkles the ivories in the Piano Bar and a screaming bathroom attendant who marauds through the first floor ladies’ toilets.

Peklo – Prague

Peklo Prague Haunted Bars

It’s name means ‘hell’ in Czech, a nod to the fact that this restaurant/bar is located in in the cellar deep under Prague’s Strahov vineyards, called ‘Paradise’. Peklo is as creepy as they come – a true Prague cellar replete with shadowy stone archways and creep candlelit corridors.

Had a spooky speakeasy encounter of your own? Tell us about your favourite bombastic Halloween bars in the comments section below!


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