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As autumn draws to a close, we at Hg2 think it’s time to get those winter calendars nicely filled up with some fabulous events to see you through until spring. Fortunately we’ve found some in our favourite cities across the globe – check them out below.


Miami – Art Basel
6th-9th December

Miami Art Basel. Photo by miamism

Since 2002, Miami Beach has played host to the world’s premier contemporary art show, well, its sister show anyway… Art Basel, sometimes called the “Oscars of the Art World”, includes over 260 leading art galleries from all over the world and has special exhibitions including performance art, video art, public art projects and oversized pink snails – naturally. Check out Hg2 Miami

Las Vegas – National Finals Rodeo
6th-15th December

National Finals Rodeo. Photo by James Phifer

If you have a penchant for watching bareback riding, bull dodging or even bull riding – then the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas is where you’ll want to go. Sponsored by Wrangler Jeans, it promises to be a full-on cowboy haven where those lucky enough to get one of the 19, 522 seats will be able to see the “World All-Around Rodeo Champion Cowboy” crowned and duly compensated for his efforts. Check out Hg2 Las Vegas.

Stockholm – Nobel Prize Awards
10th December

Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. Photo by Lina Göransson. Copyright © The Nobel Foundation 2011

Ever wondered what it would be like to win a Nobel Prize? If you’re struggling to imagine it, you could always do a trial run by getting yourself down to this year’s awards ceremony in Stockholm. Amidst feeling woefully inadequate about your own peace-making skills and general self-worth, you’ll get a glimpse of the King of Sweden and a chance to see the magnificent Stockholm Concert Hall. Check out Hg2 Stockholm.


Verbier Ride
19th January

Verbier Ride. Photo by Yves Garneau. Copyright © Verbier Ride

Attracting some of the best athletes in the world as well as a multitude of spectators, the Verbier Ride is a free-skiing competition that allows both pros and aspiring skiers to get involved. Prepare to see some incredible stunts on the slopes – this is all about “self-expression on snow” rather than speed or slalom. Check out Hg2 Verbier.

Sydney Festival
5th-27th January

Sydney Festival

This is Sydney as you’ve never seen it before. For three weeks the city plays host to over 1,000 artists from Australia who partake in over 80 events centered around music, theatre, dance and the visual arts, culminating in nothing less than a cultural celebration of all things great Down Under. And remember – this is their summer time, so ditch the woolies for sunglasses and suncream. Check out Hg2 Sydney


Beijing – Chinese New Year
10th February

Chinese New Year. Photo by INABA Tomoaki

Where better to celebrate Chinese New Year than in China’s political and cultural capital, Beijing? Go along to one of the famous Temple Fairs dotted around the city where you’ll find, not only performances and booths offering up the traditional arts and crafts of China, but more red and gold lanterns than you’re ever likely to see again in one place. Check out Hg2 Beijing.

Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day/Masopust/Carnival/Mardi Gras
12th February

Shrove Tuesday. Photo by emily.laurel504

Mardi Gras – French for “Fat Tuesday” just about says it all when it comes to this Pre-Lent festival. Shrove Tuesday (the day of “confession”) before the 40 days and 40 nights of fasting has, for better or worse, come to be known by many across the West as The Day When We Eat Everything –  AKA. Pancake Day. Whether it be Prague (Masopust), London or Amsterdam (Carnaval), celebrating this day, preferably with golden syrup, is a must.

Los Angeles – Academy Awards
24th February

Academy Awards

Ever since 1929 actors and actresses have fiercely sought to get their hands on one of these little gold men, and although an invitation to the ceremony might seem like wishful thinking unless you’re George Clooney’s cousin, there are ways… For instance, every year they give out “filler” seats to us mere mortals right on the front row (“Well if I have to sit next to Penelope Cruz…”). Check out Hg2 Los Angeles.

So what do you think? Where will you take yourself off to this winter season? 


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