Gorgeous Urban Ice Rinks | PHOTO BLOG

Whether or not you think this is actually the most wonderful time of the year (mixed reviews here at Hg2 Headquarters), last night’s thermometer readings are proof positive that winter is really and truly here. No more hiding our heads in the proverbial sands of summer, folks, winter is here. So instead of hiding in denial, we’ve decided to celebrate this chilly season by taking a look at one of the most festive traditions we can think of: ice rinks!

Even if you don’t skate (who really does?), there is something so intrinsically charming about the flail of mittened hands gliding most ungracefully across a shimmery surface while the rest of us look on smugly over a cup of steaming mulled wine. A tradition we can get on board with.

Here are some of the most unusual and beautiful urban ice rinks we’ve found.

Canal Ice Skating Amsterdam - Photo ardenswayoflifeSkating on the canal in Amsterdam.

Mexico City Ice Rink - Photo Roberto AriasIce rink under the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City.

Ice Rink Rathaus Vienna - Photo Olivier Bruchez
Skating under the Rathaus in Vienna.

Seoul South Korea Ice Rink - Photo LWYCity Hall ice rink in Seoul, South Korea.

Skating Rockefeller Center - Photo petercruiseA classic: Christmas skating in Rockefeller Center, New York.

Somerset House Skating London - Photo Chris March

Iconic skating at Somerset House in London.

Embarcadero Ice Skating San Fran - Photo Brad CoyEmbarcadero skating rink in San Francisco.

Central Park Ice Skating NY - Photo James MannersAnother classic: skating under skyscrapers in New York’s Central Park.

Toronto Ice Rink at Nathan Philips Square - Photo Benson KuaToronto Ice Rink at Nathan Philips Square.

Know of another beautiful urban ice rink that we missed? Tell us about it in the comments section below and we might add it to the list!


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  1. Tamara

    Try Gorky Park – huge but very romantic as you can leave the precinct and set off down the paths.

  2. Chris

    Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Seriously, you missed that?

    The Mexico City one is pretty cool.

  3. Winnipeg, manitoba,Canada. Thelongest trail in the world,it has everything you`ll ever need !

  4. Martin

    Two in Chicago –
    In the heart of the city in Millenium Park

    On the South Side on the Midway Plaisance, surrounded by the University of Chicago

  5. Laurent ANTOINE

    MONTE-CARLO! On the Port!

  6. CJ

    Empire State Plaza, Albany NY

  7. WG Fleming

    How the heck did you overlook the Rideau Canal in Ottawa (Canada’s capital city)?

  8. RB

    Rideau Canal … only the most famous skating “rink” in the world! Dummies

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