Hg2’s Favourite LA Films

As the capital of the moving image, it’s not surprising that Los Angeles has been captured by some fantastic cinematography. Here is just a small selection of our favourite short films.

Snow Globe Los Angeles

This beautifully crafted video presents a unique take on the sights and sounds of LA during holiday season. The tilt-shift lens allows us to gaze in on the famous landmarks of the City of Angels in sweet isolation, to fantastic effect.

 Santa Monica Pier

The century old Santa Monica Pier is one of the last amusement piers to grace the shores of the US; it’s a truly beautiful spot on the edge of the Pacific. Here the saturated yellow skies and Latin-American charm of the soundtrack capture the leisurely fun that exudes from the pier’s historic boards.

Sightings: Griffith Park

This video encapsulates this city’s fanaticism for fitness in the gruelling “Lord of Griffith” bicycle race. Happily, it simultaneously shows off the spectacular Griffith Park, which provides a rich haven for LA’s many fitness aficionados in the heart of the vast cityscape.

One Hundred and Four Seconds in Los Angeles

Ross Measure’s entertaining video boils down a couple’s LA holiday into 104 consecutive second-long clips. What should be a disorienting experience becomes a fantastically varied snapshot of life in LA, from Dodger’s Stadium to the Walk of Fame. The video wonderfully captures a city bursting with life.

 Swinging in L.A.

Frank Sinatra’s crooning lyrics evoke a cool idyll in Giuseppe Vetrano’s clip. Here Vetrano transforms the beautiful beaches of LA into a cool refuge where the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

LA Light

Colin Rich’s beautiful time-lapse cinematography captures the electrifying spectacle of LA at night, from vast panoramas to street level.  The timeless portrait is framed perfectly by music from the Cinematic Orchestra.

 People for Bikes

This art project, co-ordinated by California-based Black Swan, combines scenes from nocturnal downtown LA with another great feature of LA life; its plethora of urban art. The film features radiant projections from bicycles, providing a great example of the innovative art that adorns the streets of Los Angeles.

Photo: Los Angeles Skyline: © jondoeforty1


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