Walk Walk Fashion Baby | London Fashion Week 2013

As of this morning London Fashion Week is officially upon us and, as one of the ‘Big Four’ (together with Paris, Milan and LA), we have come to expect great things from it. So far, it has yet to disappoint. This year we recommend looking out for Fashion East (supported by Topshop) and their young designers Ashley Williams, Claire Barrow and Ryan LO. Fashion East has a way of kick-starting the careers of UK designers – so we expect these names to be around for a long while after this Fashion Week is over…

As well as the designers, what we love about London Fashion Week is how it spills out over the catwalk. The best of British fashion will be on full display throughout the streets of the city and the atmosphere will be electric around Somerset House.

Instead of trying to describe this brilliant event, we’ve decided to give you just a sneak peek into what you can expect – and, if you’re a regular attendee, something to get you in the spirit!

Why Do You Love London Fashion Week?

It’s only appropriate to begin with the word on the street in London, and in this video the faces of the Fashion industry tell us why London Fashion Week is so special.

Esquire at London Fashion Week

An essential part of London Fashion Week is the style-pappers on the street outside Somerset House, where fashionistas can show off their outfits and pretend they wear that sort of thing every day daaarling… And this is just the men!

London Fashion Week

It is impossible to forget the glorious models, the ‘canvasses for fashion’ if you like, and this video gives us a sneak peak of the beautiful creatures, taking us backstage into the surreal world of costume rails and incessant photography.

London Fashion Week 2012

This video, shot from just behind the coveted front row of the catwalk shows, captures the models in full swing while the fashionable and famous congregate and applaud – the essential encapsulation of the event really.

Columbine/Snapshots/London Fashion Week 2011/Part 2

Snapshots of London Fashion Week 2011 are interspersed with the streets of the city in this saturated video by Fashion Networks. It just shows how a simple trip to LFW can look so much like a fashion shoot in itself!

Are you as excited as we are about the next few days? Anyone planning to attend LFW 2013?


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